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January 19, 2017



Daddy says in every group of 5 or 6 men, there’s always one.  One that will speak about women like they are nothing more than objects to be desired.  I used to pray that you would never have to hear this language or understand the meaning behind it, but you will.  I used to pray that you would never have vile things shouted at you from a passing trunk or construction site, but you will.  I used to pray that you would never be made to feel like you are worth less than someone else because you are a female, but you will.  I stopped saying these prayers because I cannot control the world outside of our home and I cannot protect you from everything.   

So instead I pray that you become a smart, strong and self-assured woman.  

God, please let her always know that her true worth will never be determined by the amount of boys chasing her (or not chasing her) in the 10th grade.  

God, please never let an unsolicited opinion about her body define how she feels about herself.  

God, please let her find confidence within herself before seeking it from someone else.  

God, please let the fierce, smart and stubborn toddler I see in front of me retain these characteristics as a girl, teen and woman.

I will pray for you, my strong girl.  I will pray and I will join millions of like-minded women and men across the country and march on Saturday.  I am not marching against any one small minded, small handed person.  

My Maisie girl, I am marching for you.



p.s….Aunt Laura started it!

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  • Aunt Eileen

    Amen! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
    In this case, our raised voices and marching feet.
    Brava Laura for leading the charge.
    If I don’t make D.C, I’ll be at the U.N. March.
    Proud of my nieces!

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