Welcome to the Machine

February 10, 2016


“Is it social media?”  Love this girl.  She is my sister.

Let me tell you why I love my best friend more than a friend.  Every time life has me down and I start thinking “Why is this so hard?  Is it me?  Am I a wimp?” she will send me a string of texts messages seemingly plucked from my own subconscious to reassure me that I’m not alone.

Because being a working Mom is hard.

Like, really really hard.

On both parents.

For me, it’s the always-there feeling like I’m being spread too thin.  So thin that I can’t really be good at anything.  Most days I feel like a mediocre Mom, wife, employee, business owner, sister, daughter and friend.  Most days I don’t know how the eff I’m doing it.

But that’s the crazy thing.  Somehow, I am doing it (and so is Kaitlin).  Ever since I became a Mother and even more so since returning to work last July, I’ve been so curious about how other families work.  Here is a glimpse into the well-oiled machine of our life.


Notice how “clean the bathroom” and “scrub the stove” aren’t on that list?  No?  You will the next time you come to our house 🙂



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