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This is (almost) 2.

March 28, 2017

Almost two year old (!) Maisie is talking up a STORM these days.  It’s so hard to keep up.  Every single day there are new words and expressions.  Having real, actual conversations with her has been such a highlight.  Here are a few of my favorite things she is doing and saying:

Yeah, Sure.

Me: Want to be Mommy’s helper?  I’m unloading the dishwasher.

Maisie: Yeah, sure.


Me: Should we go see Nana and Papa today!?

Maisie: Yeah, sure.

Snick DooJoe bought these snickerdoodle muffins as a morning treat one weekend and they were a huge hit.  So much so that Maisie now refers to any and all sweet breakfast food as “snick doo.”

Need Hug, Mama

Maisie is super attached to me these days.  Like when Joe takes her in the bathroom to brush her teeth she needs to be able to “see Mama” and as soon as he is done with the torture of it all she runs to me, clings to my shirt and says “need hug Mama.”

Her sleep has been a disaster for months now and she will scream from her crib in the middle of the night “need hug, Mama.”  That tiny manipulator!

Scary Guys

The world can be a scary place when you are little.  Like the snow monster in Frozen or the picture of a hand being x-rayed in her alphabet book and even the octopus in her alphabet book (who is smiling happily in his sea garden…we don’t get this one).  All of these are “scary guys” which actually sounds more like “ski duy” when Maisie says it.

Dada, what are you doing here?

Ending with my favorite.  As I mentioned, Maisie has been a real Mama’s girl lately.  Sometimes we will be doing something and she will ask Joe (who has been home with us all day leading up to this point) in all seriousness “Dada, what are you doing here?”

I’m back – with news!

March 19, 2017

Maisie has some exciting news… I’m really thrilled to finally be able to share that Joe and I are expecting our second baby girl this September!

Being pregnant for a second time is already so, so different.  When I was pregnant with Maisie I couldn’t really make myself understand what was about to happen.  This time around, as soon as the second line appeared on the pregnancy test I instantly knew what was at stake and said a million tearful prayers for the health and safety of this child.  Another note on my second pregnancy vs. the first is that time is F L Y I N G G G G by.  We are so wrapped up in Maisie and our busy life that’s its almost as if I blinked and the first trimester was over.

Some things are the same though.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to escape the insane “morning” aka “every waking second of the day” sickness I experienced with Maisie and I think it may even be worse with this little one.  I won’t lie, it’s pretty horrific.  More on that later I’m sure.  For now I’m just thankful (after a brief scare at our 12 week appointment) that the baby seems to be doing great.  I have reached the second trimester and things are starting to get more real.

Baby Girl Dugan nice and cozy at 12 weeks.

We can’t wait to welcome this little lady into our family.  More than anything, I am so excited for Maisie to have a sister!  I can’t picture my life without my siblings and it makes me feel all the feelings to think about her developing the same relationship with this baby.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging here.  Updates to follow 🙂

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