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Tiny Details | Volume II (Pics Edition)

December 31, 2016

Just a few snapshots from a regular day.  Maisie, stay little!

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Tiny Details – Volume I

December 19, 2016


Maisie is 19 months old (!)

Haven’t had much time for updating lately.  Here are some tiny details for safe keeping:

• When asked “what’s your name?” she will point to herself and confidently say “You”

• She is way too busy to do much cuddling these days but every once and a while will run to me, bury her head in my shoulder and say “ohhh Mama.”  Three to five seconds later she will dash off to the next adventure.  I love you too, Maisie!

• She loves coloring and calls her crayons “cah cahs”

• She loves babies, kitty cats and doggies – especially her doggie!

• She is literally obsessed with her Papa (my Dad) and immediately ditches Joe and I when we bring her to my parents house which is finneeee by us 🙂

• She is learning how to put things (her coat and hat, toys etc.) away and is a really good helper

• She has basically been sick for 2 months straight.  Ear infections, eye infections, chronic congestion galore and my tough girl still goes a million miles an hour allllllll day long.

• She is very into things being cold and hot…repeatedly approaches the radiators in our house to declare “ooooooh is hot” and make the cutest little concerned face of all time.

• At least once every few weeks Joe and I have a conversation about whether or not her occasionally-fresh behavior is “normal toddler” or “crazy Maisie.”  Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Maisie Dugan!

• Her most favorite word in the universe is, but of course, “NO.”  We are really working on “No, thank you.”

Sweet, smart, stubborn, spunky, silly and soooo beautiful.

Maisie, Mommy loves you to the moon.

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