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Summer Update – Maisie @ 15 Months

August 22, 2016


The two images above both feature Maisie strapped into a high chair or carseat – and that’s not a coincidence.  It’s almost impossible to get a picture in focus of her with my iPhone now because Maisie at 15 months old is a terminator monster of energy.  From the second her tootsie toes hit the ground in the morning she does.not.stop.

I haven’t done an update like this since she turned 11 months old so I figured a mini-summary was in order.  She is getting so big so fast – I need to pause for a moment and leave a few details here for safe keeping…


• Trying to pick up the heaviest thing she can find and carry it across the room.

• Trying to put a headband on her baby dolly’s head (!?) and then covering her with a blankie and kissing her night night.  She will happily repeat this process over and over and over again.

• Frozen on DVD.  Frozen soundtrack in the car.  Just, Frozen.

• Generally running around the house like a lunatic and climbing on her toys, climbing on her chair, climbing on the couch.

• Having her teeny tiny toenails painted by Mommy!  She recently became super interested as I was painting my own toes and to my amazement she sat perfectly still and stared in awe while I did hers.

• Snuggling up with her sippy cup in Mommy and Daddy’s bed in the mornings.

• Eating.  She’s been SUCH a good eater lately.  Way to go, Maisie!


• Doing anything other than exactly what she would like to be doing (i.e….putting her shoes on, getting strapped into her carseat).  She expresses this dislike in a not-so-nice way (which is my very nice way of saying “she will literally punch us in the face”) and we are working on that.

New Skillz:  New words are coming almost daily and I can hardly wait to hear more about what is going on behind those big blue eyes.


Monthly Tidbit: I’m finally starting to really feel the payoff from all of those longggggg days with newborn and baby Maisie.  We have such crazy, silly fun now.  Dance parties, making up games, going on adventures all over the place.  Being Maisie’s Mom at 15 months is the best kind of exhausting there ever was.

Staycation Recap

August 10, 2016


I was going to write this very detailed post about our staycation and then when I started gathering images I found the shots above and changed my mind.  These 3 random pictures of Maisie being silly while Mommy tried to convince her to wear a headband perfectly sum up why our staycation was awesome.

I’ll leave the play-by-play storytelling to my Instagram account.  Yes, we went to the aquarium.  We went to the beach 8 million times and the playground too.  We had lazy mornings, big family breakfasts and even went out to eat.  We got iced coffees and took Maisie for stroller walks in the late afternoon and, in the evenings, we sat on our deck sipping beers.  Most importantly, we (the royal we…Joe, Maisie and I…UGH fine Gillies too) were together.

It was the most amazing and restorative week I can ever remember having.  It was the happiest I can ever remember being.


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