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July 26, 2016


I haven’t had a full week off from work since August of 2014.  What’s that now?  NO, my maternity leave doesn’t count.  Don’t you dare try to make it count.

Anyway, it is now (almost) August of 2016.  Two lonnnnng and grueling years later here I am…mere days away from an entire week off.

Our very first week off as a family, in fact.  Joe is on vacation as well and Maisie’s daycare is closed for the week.

And guess where we’re going!?


A few months ago I started dorking out and dreaming up a small trip the three of us could take on our first official family vacation.  I was eyeing destinations like Sesame Place, Mystic Connecticut or even a few days in Boston.  I googled and googled for toddler-friendly vacation ideas….and then I just kind of ran out of steam.  It was like I was exhausted before even choosing somewhere to go.  The thought of how quickly the expense of a 3 day excursion would add up, driving for hours with a toddler who hates being in a carseat, the amount of shit we (I) would need to pack and having to share a hotel room with someone who goes to bed at 7 p.m….I just….gave up.

Once I accepted defeat I actually got really excited about the idea of NOT going somewhere.  I even made a spreadsheet (I literally can’t help it…I’m addicted to making spreadsheets) filled with local destinations –  brunch spots, an aquarium, museums, sprinkler parks and beaches – that we are going to check out.  I’m also pumped to catch up on some long overdue admin stuff…I’m going to get my oil changed and go to the dentist, Joe wants to do some yard work and re-grout our shower etc.

Most of all, I can’t wait to soak up some precious time together as a family…we get so little of it.

Someday I will be writing a blog post about our expensive and (probably) stressful trip to Sesame Place, Great Wolf Lodge, Disney or the monuments in Washington D.C….but today, on this day, I’m looking so forward to our low-key Dugan Family Staycation.

Pics Post | Sneaky Maisie

July 19, 2016

Just dropping in to leave these next two shots here because they are the perfect glimpse into the summer of 2016 in the Dugan household with very smart and verrrrry sneaky 14 month old Maisie.  All energy.  All curiosity.  This devilish face literally sums up our entire life right now.  The only thing missing is audio of Joe and I saying “Maisie, NO” in unison.


And, for good measure, here are a few more of Maisie being Maisie.
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Manic Monday | 7.11.16

July 11, 2016


Refusing to sit in the tubby.  Holding me hostage on the floor next to her crib.  Spitting out her dinner.

I’ve been feeling one step behind the curve with 14 month (!) old Maisie lately.  The last ten days have brought standing room only in the bathtub, insane crying (whatever you’re imagining…it’s worse) at bedtime and a suddenly picky appetite.  The bath time and food thing I can handle – the bedtime situation, I cannot.

Tonight, we go to war.

In my corner:  earplugs, a pillow to cry into and alcohol.  Wish me luck!


BABY WATCH 2016!!!!  My California brudder’s wife is now 5 days overdue with my niece and I’m sooooo exciteddddddddddd and completely on the edge of my seat.  Has anyone invented a teleportation device?  I’m gonna need one very soon so I can meet this little lady…the pictures simply won’t do.


Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lastly,  I just wanted to send big hugs to all my fellow Americans – especially those with young families.  It’s a scary time to have little ones!

Pics Post | Cousin Becky’s Graduation

July 6, 2016

I first met Rebecca when she was 11 or 12 and I know this is going to make me sound old but I CANNOT BELIEVE she is already graduating high school and heading off to college in the fall.  It’s so bittersweet for us Dugans.  We are so excited for her but we will miss her!!!  She single handedly helped me survive the early days of Motherhood by just being there to keep me company when Joe was working.  I have watched her slowly morph from a shy young girl into a beautiful and confident woman – ready to take on the world!

Here are a few pics from her graduation…

View More: View More:’s Maisie styled head to toe by cousin Becky 🙂
View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: Photo bomb!View More: View More: I love this picture.  Like, a lot.View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

FLY BIRDIE FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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