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Maisie’s 1st Haircut!

June 29, 2016

Maisie got her very first hair cut!

As her famous mane continued to grow longer, shaggier and more out of control there were about 3-4 weeks of back and forth “should I?” or “shouldn’t I?” cut her hair discussions going on in our house.  So much so that I’m pretty sure Joe Dugan was one conversation shy of whipping out the scissors and just doing it himself so I would stop talking about it.

I feel kind of silly now that it’s all over and done with but I mean cmon!  It felt like a huge decision to me!  Mostly because I knew she would instantly look older once it was cut (and she does, *sniff sniff*).


Being very, very brave.


Here’s the official before and after.  That picture on the left is what pushed me over the edge.  Feral child no more!

afterHere’s Maisie just living the post-haircut life and somehow looking cuter than ever.


And, just for fun, here’s Maisie’s always-abundant hair at 1 month and (almost) 14 months.  

As my Dad so poignantly said a few months ago…”she’s really grown into the hair.”  True that, Papa, TRUE THAT.

All’s Good in the Hood

June 22, 2016


Look at this big girl!  The love of my life.

Oh, why hello there!  Have you noticed that the sun is shining and the beach is beckoning!?  SUMMER!!!

Embarrassing as it may be, I feel compelled to admit that I have been in the absolute worst mental funk of my life for the past 2-3 months.  It was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad Spring.  I’ve been completely trapped inside my own mind and spent every waking moment stressing out, panicking and worrying about 12 different things at once.  My stress and worry then swiftly turned into feelings of anger and then finally just bottomless despair.  And I couldn’t snap out of it!  I convinced myself that the problems in my life were unique to me and everyone else’s life was infinitely better than mine.  Basically, I was feeling pretty gosh darn sorry for myself.  An old school middle-child pity party if there ever was one.

Anyway, I had a heart to heart with my brother and he somehow made me realize that it was my reaction to the problems that was irregular, not the problems themselves.  Genius!  (literally, he’s a genius).

Like, what full time working Mother doesn’t feel stretched too thin?  What young couple raising a family on Long Island isn’t at least a little bit stressed about their finances (don’t answer that!) or when/how they will be able to have more children?  These are all first world ‘Merica problems I suppose.

Either way, the fog is lifted and SUMMER is here!  It’s here and crazy Maisie already has a few skinned knees to show for it 🙂

And speaking of Maisie, here’s a recap of off-the-charts adorable things she’s done recently:

1 – Giving big hugs and kisses – Joe and I FaceTime when he gets out of work so he can say goodnight to Maisie.  Last night, completely unprovoked, she kissed his face on the screen of my phone.  I literally died.

2 – Dancing – When Maisie visits Nana and Papa she will walk right up to Papa’s speakers and start busting a move.

3 – Pretending –  She has a toy minivan (?) and when she pushes it along the floor she makes a “vrooooooooom” sound.

4 – Ballin – Maisie LOVES throwing a ball around.  Anytime, anywhere.  I’m already grooming her for third base – hot corner!

Sigh.  I love her so.

Pics Post | Cousins!

June 20, 2016

Back at it again.  Less than a year from now there will be two more little ones in this pic!!!!

Gold star this round goes to Graeme Rosenthal.  Given for consistency.

0F5A8348 0F5A8352 0F5A8357 0F5A8358 0F5A8359 0F5A8361 0F5A8366 0F5A8370 0F5A8372 0F5A8385 0F5A8386 0F5A8388 0F5A8394 0F5A8400 0F5A8401 0F5A8402 0F5A8404 0F5A8410 0F5A8411 0F5A8412 0F5A8413 0F5A8415

You’d think a single one of them would acknowledge the fact that my sister was jumping, dancing and waving around like a lunatic trying to get them to look.  0F5A8416 0F5A8419 0F5A8420 0F5A8422

Flying with a 13 Month Old

June 6, 2016


Last week I had to go to Las Vegas for work and Joe & Maisie tagged along to visit his Mom and Grandparents. When we booked the tickets back in November I naively looked at my 6 month old and thought – “It will be easy to fly with her in June. She’ll be over a year old at that point.”




I spent the week or two leading up to this voyage absolutely freaking out and reading dozens of blog posts and articles about flying with a young toddler on your lap.  If you have just frantically googled “Flying with a 13 Month old” and found yourself here – spoilers ahead!


Here is a list of things we did right:

1Packed a TON of snacks. Turns out there are plenty of food items you are permitted to easily bring through airport security. Including (but not limited to) bananas, cheerios, cheese sticks, wrapped sandwiches, powdered milk, freezer packs etc. We just picked up a few bottles of water in the terminal and we had enough food to feed 10 Maisies. I am usually pretty rigid about her nutrition and food intake but the mantra for the flight was “whatever Maisie wants, Maisie gets.”

2Packed a bunch of toys that Maisie has never seen before. I ordered some cheapie (and travel friendly) toy assortments on Amazon and we slowly rolled each new toy out during her awake periods on the flight.

3 – We didn’t let her nap before getting on the plane. On the way out west Maisie fell asleep on me during takeoff and slept for 1.5 hours. On the way home she fell asleep while we were on the tarmac (more on this below) and slept for the first 3 hours. We also encouraged her run around crazy and burn off as much energy as possible in a quiet corner of the terminal before boarding.

4 – We stuck together.  Joe and I were giving each other a pep talk as we approached the airport and the main concept was – no matter what happens on that plane, we need to stick together act as a team.

5 – We got a used carseat for the trip. I’m so glad we did because guess what happened on the way back when we went to pick up our checked luggage?? NO CARSEAT. If we had been relying on that carseat coming out of the carousel in order to get home, I would probably still be in a detention cell at JFK right now. We made a quick game time decision to just ditch it and get the hell out of there. Also, we checked the stroller right at the door of the plane – which was awesome.

6 – We stayed organized. My carry on item was our diaper bag which had all dipes, wipes and a lunch box/bag thing with food and snacks for Maisie. Joe’s contained toys and an iPad with Maisie-friendly stuff loaded on it.

7 – We were literally the last ones on the plane. They make an announcement at the gate saying something like “anyone traveling with small children please board now.” We completely ignored that. In fact, on the way home they actually made an announcement in the terminal saying “Last call for Dugan, party of 2.” That’s how long we waited to get on the plane.

Here is a list of things we did wrong:

1 – We flew across the country with a 13 month old.  If there is one lesson I learned from our trip, it is that you can prepare all you want but flying with a toddler that young, for that long, is just not going to be an enjoyable experience. It will be stressful.  You will be counting the seconds until you can get the eff off the plane.  However, I am glad we did it.  I’m so glad Maisie got to spend time with Joe’s family.  I feel like we earned some kind of parenting gold star for surviving.  But ya’ll.  It. was. tough.


Worst Moment – When we boarded the plane on our way home, Maisie was exhausted but still content. We had her sippy cup with milk ready to go. We were all set for her to fall asleep while the plane was taking off. And then the pilot made an announcement to the effect of “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an issue with the air conditioning, it’s going to be about a 15-20 minute delay while they make repairs.” Funny, because what I heard was “Catherine Dugan you were a serial killer in a previous life and this is your punishment.” The plane was fully loaded with people and suddenly the engine shut off and it was silent. And delirious Maisie went ballistic.  We got “the look” in unison from about 37 irritated people and I imagined them all updating their social media with FML posts about being trapped on a plane with a screaming brat.  I jumped out of the seat and brought her to the back of the plane and fought against her thrashing limbs and piercing screams for what felt like forever. Finally, after 30 sweaty minutes of rocking and swaying she fell asleep on my shoulder, just as the pilot was pulling away from the gate.

Best Moment – It’s been probably over six months since Maisie napped on top of me. It was just like the old days. She is 15 lbs heavier but just as sweet.

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