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And it’s more than I hoped for.

April 28, 2016


The last few days I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

Thinking about a girl and a boy sitting on a futon in a college dorm room.  I’ve been wanting to tell them things about their future.  Tell them that this chance meeting and this casual friendship is the beginning of something huge.

I’ve been thinking about a young couple in love…out and about on a Saturday night.  I want to have a drink with them, bask in their effortless happiness and tell them to keep it up.  To live wildly and freely.

And I’ve been thinking about a pair of innocent newlyweds filled with hope and ambition…I want to tell them that the road ahead will take them on highs, lows and everywhere in between – and sooner than they think.

I’ve been thinking about two pretend adults with the weight of the world on their shoulders.  I’ve been thinking about that amazing baby girl sleeping upstairs.  I’ve been thinking about how lucky they are to have her, and to have each other.  I’ve been thinking they are wealthy beyond measure.

Maisie, I’ve been thinking that I hope you are lucky enough to find one just like him.  

Catherine Makes a Friend (Working Title)

April 23, 2016

Remember this post?

Well, I have some pretty exciting news…

I made a friend!!!!

We met at baby gym a few months ago.  Her name is Ashley.  Her daughter is Juliana.  They live like less than a mile away from us.  Harmony!

We’ve been getting the girls together for playdates and stroller walks for a while now and I’ve been secretly wanting to blog about how AMAZING it is to have a local Mom friend (did I mention that it’s amazing?) but helllloooooo I didn’t want to scare her away!  Making a Mom friend feels a lot like dating in the beginning.  You are just trying to play it cool and pretend to be normal.  Would you ask a guy on the first or second date if you could take his picture with a giant camera and write about him on the internet?  METHINKS NOT.

Anyway.  Here are a bunch of pictures of Maisie and Juliana being besties at a recent playdate. it’s cool to think of these girls taking dance lessons together or being on the same soccer team in a few years!

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Ashley and I gave it our all trying to get them both to look and smile at the same time.  These last few had me laughing out loud…awesomely bad!

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Suns out, guns out

April 19, 2016


There they are.  In all their atrophied glory.    

Why hello there.  Would you like to know a ridiculous, embarrassing and completely insane fact about me? Of course you would!

As noted by the header of this blog, I live in New York.  And summers in New York can be occasionally brutal.  High temperatures, lots of humidity and sticky disgusting heat.  Not a problem for someone who can just apply some lotion to their pale skin, dust off the old tank top & shorts collection and call it a day.  However, it has been a big and very sweaty problem for me because….drumroll….

I haven’t worn a short sleeved shirt in approximately 5 years.

Just take a moment to digest that little nugget of information.  Outdoor concerts.  Backyard barbecues.  Scorching sun.  LONG SLEEVES.

I won’t bore you with the sob-story explanation, I’ll just give you the Cliff’s notes… I used to be a Division I athlete and now I am not.  Where there once were muscles and tone, now there is not.  I just feel better about myself with my arms covered.

I know it makes no sense.  Logically I know that no one is looking at me and assuming I have very thin arms hiding under my cardigan.  It’s just a weird security blanket that I haven’t been able to let go of.  I think every body-conscious woman probably has something like this that they do.  No?  I’m just crazy?  ALRIGHTY THEN.  Forging ahead.

The thermometer reached like 70something yesterday and I was chasing after Maisie in the hot and stuffy upstairs of our house wearing a zip up hoodie.  I started sweating my b’s off when – in a completely unexpected moment of clarity – I’m like “WHYYYY am I doing this!?  THIS IS INSANE!  I can’t expect to be going for stroller walks and trips to the playground with her in the warm weather wearing friggin’ long sleeves.  Eff this noise!” I ripped off the sweatshirt, threw it on the ground for dramatic effect and haven’t looked back.

This summer, I’m looking forward to giving exactly zero shits, embracing the body that I have and enjoying the outdoors with my girl.  The park, the beach, Mommy and Me swimming lessons*.  All of it.


*Supplemental fun fact, I haven’t worn a bathing suit in like 8 years.  Watch out!

Pics Post | About Today

April 10, 2016

You don’t have to read too far back on this blog of mine to know that I do a good deal of belly aching about our busy life and misaligned work schedules etc etc.  In an effort to balance out the negative with some positive here are a few pictures of today.

Today was our first “chill at home” day together in months.

Literally, months.

And it was everything.

And yet it was nothing.  The little nothings that becoming huge somethings when we have long stretches where days like this don’t exist.  Joe got his hair cut.  I returned some things at Target.  All three of us did a big grocery shop in the afternoon.  In the in-betweens we blasted music, played, made meals and just enjoyed being together.

Sigh.  My heart is so full tonight.

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Maisie @ 11 Months

April 4, 2016

This is it!  The last Monthly Maisie installment before I have a ridiculous meltdown on this blog next month.


Size:  18 month clothing.  Size 5 Diapers.

Likes:  Loves: Reading books with Mommy or Daddy.  She will crawl over to the stack of books on our living room floor, tear it apart until she finds her favorite (Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake?), hand it to me and crawl into my lap.  I die.

Dislikes:  Having her never-ending boogie nose wiped.


New Skillz:  Comfortably cruising and first words!  She will point and laugh at the dog (Gillies) and say “Guhgah.”  She can also say Mama, Dada, duck and quack.  Way to go, Maisie!

Monthly Tidbit: Maisie has suddenly taken a strong liking to sharing.  She will be playing with a toy and will then hold it up to my face so I can give the toy kisses.  It’s just about the cutest thing ever.  She really likes sharing her food with us too.  We are still working on her picking something up and feeding it to herself.

Also, she is wayyyyyy attached to Mommy these days.  It is so very sweet but it can also make things more difficult.  Our usual morning routine on Mon-Thurs is that I shower and finish getting dressed just as Joe is bringing Maisie downstairs.  I only have about 3-5 minutes of cuddling and smooches before I have to run out the door and she will now occasionally cry when I try to give her back to Daddy.  Joe is really good at diffusing and will grab a toy or something to distract her, but it’s really hard for me to leave when she’s crying for me.  Working Mom dramz!

Pic Post | The Biggest, Bluest Eyes

April 3, 2016


Photos courtesy of Peahead Prints Photography

When I was a little girl my Dad took us to to the beach all.the.time.  There were one or two summers where it felt like we went every weekend.  My Mom would happily ship us off with a cooler full of sandwiches and we would literally spend all day there.

I loved it.

My younger brothers and I would swim and boogie board for hours while my Dad sipped Budweisers and (I can only assume) pondered the meaning of life.  Inevitably around 5 o’clock he would tell us to start packing up.  We would always complain that 5 o’clock was the best time to be at the beach.  The crowds were gone and the sun would soften and sink in the sky turning the previously muddy green ocean into an amazing deep blue.

Maisie, when you were born and I saw your eyes – I saw the ocean at 5 o’clock.  When you were 11 months old I took you to get your picture taken and I saw them anew.  I still can’t believe how beautiful you are.  

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