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A Public Expression of Gratitude

March 29, 2016


Surrounded by love!

It certainly does take a village.

Let’s talk about resources.  Let’s talk about safety nets.  Let’s talk about God only giving you exactly what you are able to handle.

I think God looked at our situation and said…oh wait…they won’t make it without the Walsh’s.

Maisie is very lucky to have a million Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles etc. who have all been more than generous with gifts and the occasional babysitting gig but when it comes to our daily grind – when life throws us scheduling curveballs – I literally do not know what we would do without Joe’s Aunt Alicia and fam.

I keep wanting to say “Maisie doesn’t have any Grandparents nearby” but, here’s the thing, the Walsh’s aren’t “nearby” either.  Alicia or Rebecca (or both of them!) have time and time again driven 53 minutes east to bail us out when our backs were against the wall.  Or, what’s even sweeter, driven 53 minutes east just to visit with us and hang out with the baby.

They have kept Maisie overnight so we could attend weddings.  They have been at our doorstep at 8 a.m. so we could get to work on time.  They have saved our lives (and our jobs….and our sanity) so many times that I’ve literally lost count.

Hey Walsh’s – from the bottom of our hearts…thank you.

Manic Monday | 3-28-16

March 28, 2016


“Not now, Mother.  I’m very busy.”

Maisie’s first Easter.  Hippity hop!

We were up and out by 8:45 a.m. to make it to church with Great Grandma, followed by brunch at Nana and Papa’s and then a “pop in” at Aunt Alicia’s on our way home.  I’m exhausted even thinking about it.  It was hard to ignore every cell in my body screaming at me to have a laid back day at home but I’m glad we powered was a super swell day in the hood.


Speaking of Easter, guess what happened in the car on the way to church?  I noticed that I have a lot of gray hair.  Like, an insane amount of gray hair for someone who is 32 years old.  I am going to try to find a way to Loreal the crap out of my head this week but the most disturbing thing about this is not that I have so much gray hair, but that I didn’t even notice it until now.  What goes on?

Anyway, I tried to google a possible solution that will really cover them and discovered that having gray hair is “in” – so I’m basically the coolest person ever.  I also look exactly like the girl in this picture.  Twins!


Last and most definitely least.

The boogies.

If I google “10 month old baby runny nose” one more time I might literally lose my mind.  Maisie has now seen two different doctors because of these stupid boogies.  The most recent one said (after I explained that she has had a non-stop runny nose for over 2 months) “If it doesn’t go away in a week then come back.”  That moment was…difficult.  It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone.  Inside my mind I was shaking her and screaming “DON’T YOU GET IT!?  AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME!?  THEY WONT BE GONE IN A WEEK…THEY NEVER GO AWAY.”

In the meantime my poor girl is so traumatized from having her nose (which is red, raw and bloody by the end of the day) constantly wiped that she cries if I even go near a box of tissues.  I feel so helpless and frustrated.

So this is my plea for advice.  Moms.  ANYONE.  Could it be allergies?  Her boogies are mostly clear and just relentlessly run all day.  For over 2 months.  We’ve tried saline spray, humidifier in her room, vick’s vapor rub and nothing has worked at all.  Help!

Pics Post | Maisie and Juliana

March 19, 2016

I was lucky enough to have not one but TWO girlfriends pregnant at the same time as me.

My good friend Stacy’s daughter Juliana was born 5 days after Maisie.  We had a long LONG overdue playdate this morning.  These girls haven’t been together since they were itty bitty….I literally can’t deal with the picture on the right.  I CANNOT HANDLE IT.


And drumrolllllllll please………………………………………………..


LOOK AT THEM NOW!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Stacy and Juliana THANK YOU for coming all the way to play with us today.

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Maisie’s 1st Birthday Party | Houston, We’ve Lost All Control

March 14, 2016

bday invite

With my daughter’s 1st birthday rapidly approaching, I figured it would be nice to have a low-key celebration for her with some close friends and family.  I planned to pick up a cake from the local bakery while my husband threw some burgers on the grill.  I was not going to be that crazy Mom with the catered party and Pinterest-worthy pictures.  Because let’s not kid ourselves, those people are nuts.  Throwing an elaborate event for a baby who won’t even remember being there and doesn’t even know what a birthday is?  PUHLEASSEEEEE.

Anyway, I flipped the calendar ahead, chose a Saturday and sent “save the date” text messages to all of Maisie’s Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.  Easy peasy.

But then something bad happened…

I picked a theme.

If you must know, the theme kind of picked itself.  Cinco De Maisie!  I mean, c’mon.  Irregardless, I can look back and pinpoint the “beginning of the end” to that exact moment; the choosing of the theme.  The theme may have been a mistake.

Because if you have a theme, you need corresponding decorations.  And a theme-esq outfit for the birthday girl.  And the food has to match the theme, but of course.  And how can you have a themed-party and only invite 10-15 people?  That would be weird.  Besides, it will be nice to see everyone anyway!  And if there’s a theme and a 50+ person guest list, you need to send out formal invitations.  And how can you send formal invites without an image of the birthday girl to be?  No big deal, just schedule a mini session with a photographer and whip up a theme-inspired invitation design.  And if there’s a theme, decorations, a matching birthday girl outfit, a 50+ person guest list, a photoshoot and formal invitations; not just any bakery cake will do….

You guys.  Not until I googled “custom 1st birthday cakes Long Island” did I realize what had happened.  I am that crazy Mom throwing a ridiculous, Pinterest-inspired 1st birthday party for my baby.  And if you MUST know, I have a 3-tabbed running spreadsheet to keep all guests, expenses and supplies organized.

Why am I doing this?  Why does anyone do this?

I’ll tell you why.

Because we made it.

WE FUCKING MADE IT.  (First time/Last time f-bomb on this blog.  Scout’s honor!)

This party is for those two terrified morons walking out of the hospital with a baby last May.  For the newborn who wondered if any of her nursery mates got lucky and had parents who actually knew what the hell they were doing.  This party is to celebrate surviving the 3 a.m. fights, the tears, the exhaustion, the worrying.  Oh my Gahhh the worrying. This party is for the belly laughs, the most tender moments I’ve ever known, the love feelings, the milestones and all the victories, big and small.

And it will be ridiculous.  And 97% of my social media connections will roll their eyes in unison when the pictures start rolling in.  My response to that eye roll will be to take a swig of Corona (theme – check!), admire the wedding band still on my finger and kiss my still-alive baby.


Maisie @ 10 Months

March 7, 2016


Size:  12 month clothing.  18 months for footie pajamas.

Likes:  Playing 27 different modified versions of Peek A Boo.  Current favorite is sitting in my lap, throwing a toy on the floor and then squealing with delight when the toy reappears from underneath my legs.


Dislikes:  Being taken out of the bathtub.  Woah nelly.

New Skillz:  Pulling up to a standing position and finally got her to eat some table food without the gagging/vomiting that was giving me heart palpitations for the last few weeks.


Monthly Tidbit: This month Maisie graduated to a big girl carseat, a big girl stroller and is just, in general, looking like such a big girl.  She’s like a little person now, which is equal parts exciting and heartbreaking.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog 328 times already, it’s such a bittersweet thing to see her getting older.

Our doctor’s office gave us a coupon for a free case of formula and when it arrived last week, it was the ready-made liquid formula (as opposed to the powder), which we haven’t used since she was a week or two old.  Thinking nothing of it, I opened one up and poured a bottle before bedtime and I was physically overcome by the strongest memory association.  I had completely forgotten that the liquid formula has a very distinct smell to it.  I guess it kind of smells like powdered milk or whatever but to me it smelled like a snuggly newborn curled into my shoulder.  It smelled like 3 a.m..  It smelled like spring time.  It smelled like terrifying and overwhelming love feelings.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that after I put her down that night I grabbed the empty bottle off the counter, breathed it in like a huffer with some paint thinner under an overpass and let the nostalgia tears happen.

My baby!

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