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January 25, 2016


My final verdict: 89% Dugan, 11% Dunbar.

I’ve always been so fascinated by genetics, especially when it comes to babies.  For example, 2 of my sister’s kids look a lot like my Mom’s side of the family, even though my sister looks 100% like my Dad.   I guess she is just carrying some recessive blonde-headed genes.  So random!

When I was pregnant I would ask Joe at least once a week “what do you think the baby will look like though!?” and he would always reply the same way, “I dunno, probably like both of us.”

The craziest thing is that I spent 9+ months obsessing and daydreaming about what Maisie would look like and as soon as they handed her to me, my first thought was “oh yeah, DUH, of course that’s what she looks like.”  It felt more like seeing someone you haven’t seen in years than a first-time meeting.  My second thought was “holy crap, she looks exactly like Joe.”  Even the nurses in the delivery room were commenting on how much she looked like her Daddy.

As she’s gotten older, I’ve started to see some very subtle shades of Dunbar in her face though.  Not even necessarily my features in particular.  Here’s a side by side of Maisie with one of my brothers and I as babies…something about the nose/mouth situation…


But most of the time, I just see a wholeeee lotta Joe Dugan in her face…


And to me, the most insane part of this is that if we have more kids, they could look completely different.  CRAZYTOWN, USA!

Pics Post | Snowed In

January 25, 2016

Baby gym didn’t happen today because of the snow (OH THE HUMANITY) and we’ve now been inside the house for 72 hours and counting.  I’m just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for not freaking out about Joe going to work today.  Maisie and I had an awesome girls day 🙂

And also, deal with these pictures….

0F5A9883 0F5A9896 0F5A9897 0F5A9900 0F5A9902

Pics Post | Snow Day

January 23, 2016

Maisie’s 1st snow day!  Only took about 27 minutes of bundling to prepare for this 3 minute sleigh ride 🙂


0F5A9775 0F5A9779 0F5A9796 0F5A9801 0F5A9803 0F5A9806 0F5A9807

Who Would You Have in the Delivery Room?

January 19, 2016


Back when not even the Dads were in the delivery room (!?)

I was randomly thinking about the night Maisie was born recently and I started chuckling to myself because I sometimes forget that my Mom was there!

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I knew that my Mom would definitely be at the hospital while I was giving birth.  Then a few days before my induction she said something along the lines of “Well I dunno…do you want me to stay in the room?…it’s up to you.”  And I was all…”Okay sure.”

Then I started thinking about it more and I amended my “Okay” to “You can stay but if for any reason I want you to leave – no hard feelings?”  Marmy was completely on board and away we went.

It’s really funny because leading up to giving birth for the first time I imagined that I might feel exposed or embarrassed.  And it kind of started that way.  I remember my Mom shyly slipping out of the room when the doctor came in to check my progress earlier in the day….cut to her yelling “HAIR!” while the baby was crowning.  And trust me, in that moment I wouldn’t have cared if my Dad and three brothers walked through the door.  You are just so focused on the pain and getting the baby the hell out of your body, nothing else even matters.

Although I never really thought much about who I wanted or didn’t want in the delivery room – it just kind of happened that my Mom was there – I think it was really special for her to see one of her Grandchildren being born, so I have no regrets.

Who did you have in the room with you?  Is this a weird topic?

The Baby Gym!

January 18, 2016

When I look back on Maisie’s 1st year of life, I think I will always consider it segmented into “Before Baby Gym” and “After Baby Gym.”

Because, you guys, this friggin’ Baby Gym has improved our quality of life so much that I almost don’t know where to start.

The classes are an hour long and usually in the middle of the day.  It gives us something to look forward to all morning and once we arrive my girl is in HEAVEN and so am I.  After circle time, Maisie bounces around to each station with a huge smile on her face while I make easy conversation with the other Moms.  When we get home, she is so tuckered out she will usually take a much-longer-than-usual nap while I clean up or do work.

We went for a free trial class a few weeks ago and I knew about 10 minutes in that I was signing up, regardless of the cost.

Here are a bunch of pictures of Maisie in all her glory…

gym1 gym2 gym3 gym4 gym5

Baby Gym for President!

Verified: My Life is a Ben Stiller Movie

January 12, 2016


Of course I got food poisoning after leaving Maisie with Nana and Papa to sneak out to a restaurant with my husband for the first time in over 6 months.

Because, why wouldn’t I get food poisoning?

And if I’m going to have food poisoning it might as well be accompanied by a 14 hour fever that literally left me bedridden and questioning my will to live, no?

And if I’m going to be bedridden it should probably be on a day that Joe is supposed to go to work, giving him no other option but to call out sick so Maisie is taken care of.  Because the only thing that makes food poisoning more enjoyable is a family stress session about job security, am I right?

Unfortunately, I have some sad news for you Cheesecake Factory:  when we win $1.5 billion Powerball Jackpot tomorrow night I will buy your entire franchise and turn every location into something non-corporate and ironic.

Special acknowledgement to Joseph Dugan, who now holds the world record for the amount of times a husband has stood as an involuntary witness to his wife vomiting and cursing the universe on the other side of a bathroom door.

Life is but a dream 🙂

An Ode to Hootie Hoo

January 7, 2016


Maisie and Hootie in the early days…these pictures of my squishy cause me physical pain.  So little!

When Maisie was just a few weeks old, my Aunt Eileen gifted her a pink fleece Owl lovie.  She already had a handful of similar gifts from my baby shower but with Hootie Hoo, it was love at first sight.

She snuggles up with Hootie during her naps and at night and they are just about the cutest pair I’ve ever seen.  When I was packing Maisie’s things for her first sleepover recently, Hootie Hoo was the TOP item on my list.  Like, more important than food and diapers.  Hootie is absolutely essential to her getting a good night’s sleep.



Instead of soaking in the sweetness of it all, what I SHOULD do is contact my Aunt Eileen immediately to arrange the procurement of 2-3 backup Hooties.  Lolz.

Maisie @ 8 Months

January 5, 2016

SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP!  What happened to my peanut!?   Here’s to hoping the dreary winter months will make time slow down a bit…


Size:  9 month clothing still fits best (12 months if it’s footy pajamas).  Size 4 diapers.


Likes:  This guy.

New Skillz:  Vocalizing consonant sounds (da-da-da and ba-ba-ba).  Still not crawling though and honestly I don’t see it happening any time soon.  Maisie will push up onto her hands and knees and then kind of slide backwards and that’s about it.  I started panicking a bit about this non-crawling situation because all the other babies we know her age are crawling all over the place.  Right as I was in the middle of a frenzied googling session I thought about the amount of times, in my life, someone has asked me at what age I started crawling.  Zero.  Zero times.  My official stance is that my stubborn girl currently rolls to get where she needs to go and will crawl when she’s good and ready :).  Separate post on the subtle underlying tone of competitiveness among new Moms re: milestones someday…aka never.  I mean, I’m guilty of it too.  I’m posting a blog with a category called “New Skillz?” am I not?  GEE WIZ.

Self Esteem in 2016 | A New Mirror

January 4, 2016

A few weeks ago I posted about my New Year’s Resolution for 2016: to be a better role model for Maisie by learning how to love myself.  A lofty goal for sure, considering the status of my non-existent self esteem.  And, to be honest, I had no idea how to go about achieving it.  A snap of the fingers and I’m magically okay with the way I look?  Doubtful.

But then the solution kind of fell right into my lap.  During an Oprah-esq talking session about raising confident girls with my bestie, I realized something.  A realization that inserted giant ridiculous tears into our previously benign conversation.

Right now, Maisie’s view of me is so pure.  So completely untainted by cultural standards or the media.  And she loves the way I look!0F5A9656

She is making this face simply because I am smiling at her.  The same smile I spent years trying to cover because it embarrassed me.  Just one item on a long list of things I hated about my appearance.  But she doesn’t care that I have crooked teeth.  She just wants me to smile at her.  Sigh, I can barely type the words without getting emotional.

Methinks this will still be a long, uphill process.  But now on my very worst days I have a coping mechanism – the ability to look at myself through a different mirror.  The one Maisie has so sweetly provided.  And what I see in that mirror is a nurturing, strong, intelligent, creative, driven, beautiful and funny woman.

As for the future, all I can do is hope.  Hope that I can return the favor someday, if the need ever arrises.  Hope that I can lift her spirits and make sure she knows how beautiful she is.

Because, my Maisie girl, you are beautiful.  Inside and out, kid.


January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

My brother Kevin asked me to grab a few shots of him getting ready at my parents house with the groomsmen before his wedding yesterday.  I wasn’t initially planning on sharing any of these pictures here, but I’m loving some of these images of my 3 brothers so much that I couldn’t resist.  Can’t believe these boys.  All growed up!  Much love to Kevin and his wife (!) Brittany.  The party was epic and I’m paying the price today, big time 🙂

0F5A9406 0F5A94070F5A94080F5A94210F5A94440F5A94580F5A94620F5A95000F5A9521

My three (very different) sons.0F5A95230F5A95330F5A95350F5A95400F5A95920F5A9597

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