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This Season, on The Surreal World

March 23, 2015



So at this point I’ve been pregnant forever.  There is a crapload of baby stuff in our house.  Cribs, the tiniest clothes you’ve ever seen in your life, strollers, car seats…the whole nine.

I feel the baby kicking all throughout the day (and night).  I go to the ObGyn every week and get a sonogram.  I see my daughter moving around on the screen.  The sonographer laughs at how much hair she has.

Despite all of this, I still cannot connect to the fact that in a month and a half we will have a baby.  Like she will look like us and live with us and depend on us for everything.  And we will love her more than either of us can even comprehend right now.  And my heart will explode when I see Joe holding her for the first time (FUN FACT: he’s never held a baby. In. His. Life.).  And I will spend the rest of my life worrying about her.

It all feels eerily similar to the way I get really overwhelmed and confused when I think about how massive the universe is.  It just scares me so I actively choose *not* to think about it.

I guess this post really has no point….other than I’m barreling towards an intense life-altering shift and it doesn’t feel real.  At all.  Seemed worth mentioning?

Anyway, Happy Monday!

Weighing in on Gestational Diabeetus.

March 11, 2015

***Disclaimer*** This blog in every way reflects my personal beliefs on being pregnant.  Cuz I’m keeping it real.


Brussels and Broccoli were fun at first.

Current Gripe: I am supposed to give birth in like 8 weeks and I am being systematically starved to death by a team of doctors.  At my appointment yesterday I got on the scale and (since last week) I have lost another 2 lbs…in addition to the 7 already gone since this Gestational Diabetes regimen began.  I raised alarm with the doctor who swiftly reacted like I had just hit a milestone at fat camp and assured me that babies need very little to thrive inside the womb.

Silver lining?  I am quickly on my way to becoming the first woman in recorded history to *lose* weight during a pregnancy.  I smell a TLC reality show contract.


A new blog…

March 10, 2015

I made a personal blog!  It was kind of an impulsive decision. I didn’t really think about why I was doing it.  I just found myself registering a domain name and fidgeting with fonts before I gave it much thought.  But I guess if I had to nail it down, there are a few reasons I’m here:

1 – On my business blog, I used to share frequent personal anecdotes and updates.  The last year of my life has been so intense (job changes, house purchases, pregnancy perils etc.) that I stopped updating that one.  And I’m finding myself missing it.

2 – Posterity – Standing on the brink of parenthood, having a place to neatly document the goings-on seems like the logical thing to do.

3 – I’ve always found it cathartic to expel my internal thoughts outward.  I had a livejournal (hah!) in college and a photography blog later on.  Since becoming pregnant, my inner thoughts have been on the upswing but I haven’t had a place to purge them.





8.5 weeks to go! And dirty clothes on the floor…and filthy mirror 🙂



Is this thing on?

March 9, 2015

Howdy world.


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